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Been months since I last posted. I'm still alive, guys and gals.

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Mar. 24th, 2014 | 11:54 am
posted by: phspopular2002 in introverts

I just hadn't been motivated to post much with this account of mine. Gotten so into the roleplay writing things going on around LiveJournal, and I get very into it for months.

My life has been about the same. Nothing really big has happened, but that's quite all right. I'm never in a hurry to do much. I like cruising through life and soaking in all that I have. I'm just a content sponge, I suppose. *chuckle*

The board gaming group I go to has gotten bigger, so that's really good. My mom and I still love going every Friday night to see our hilarious friends over there. I'm really looking forward to going next Saturday at the board gaming store we all meet up at and just have some good times and laughs. We're making the owner of the place jealous because we laugh so much and he gets occupied with those Magic the Gathering players at their tournaments. Poor him.

Yeah, just went very geeky there for a bit.

The one friend who's INTJ is someone I still see once in a while at my bookstore. I'm always glad to see Tanya, and it's still sad we live so far away from each other. But I'm hopeful that will change for the better someday. Hey, it could happen!

Aside from all that, I'm looking forward to winter being over. It's snowed over here in MD quite a few times this month, and I've been done shoveling snow. Happy spring, everyone.

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